Why use a mortgage adviser:

2 MIN READ September 15, 2017
Having the opportunity to buy a home can be a very exciting time, but getting a home loan can be a perplexing process. There’s the endless paperwork, calculations to figure out how much you can actually borrow, and then shopping around for the best mortgage deal. The…

Ok, so what does a mortgage adviser do?

In simple terms, a mortgage adviser helps you to find and apply for a home loan.  A mortgage adviser is your go-between the provider (a bank) and you. They will help you through the whole process by taking a look at what you want and making sure you fully understand the home loan paperwork and comparing the various options to find the right home loan that suits you.


A mortgage adviser works with the banks all day. They are up to date on what is happening in the market and which banks have the best rates, the latest products and services that are available. Because a mortgage adviser deals with all the providers on a day to day basis, they can explain the difference between the different loans structures and can provide a true comparison of the loans features, fees and charges so that you will know exactly what you are getting into – avoiding any nasty surprises.

Finding you the best deal:

Since a mortgage adviser deals with the banks they have established a good relationship with the providers and they have access to any special rates that a bank can offer. An adviser also has an inside knowledge of the lending process and how long it will take for an application to get approved. They can help you calculate what your exact borrowings and repayments will be, so you can know exactly what you are up for.

Simplifying the Process for you:

If you are looking at buying your first home, a mortgage adviser can explain the various options that you have with your KiwiSaver. If you are looking at buying a second home or an investment property, a mortgage adviser will look to simplify the process for you making sure that you have the best options available to you.

Choosing a home loan can be a daunting process but by using a mortgage adviser the process can be simplified and you can be assured that you are getting the best home loan.

If you would like to receive expert advice and get the best deal on your home loan, contact the Haven team today.



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