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Protecting you and your loved ones from life’s challenges.

When it comes to making big decisions in life, it’s always nice to receive professional and impartial advice to help you make the right one.

Why Use an Adviser?

Insurance is a complex area and the convenience of the internet often leaves people on the wrong plan.

With our comprehensive knowledge of the market, we can offer you advice and solutions that are right for you now and in the future. A Haven adviser will help you understand your policy so you are confident it’s the right plan for your needs.

We’re not much use hidden behind a computer or call centre. We’re real people who offer valuable advice face to face. With advisers all over the North and South Island, we are well-positioned to be available wherever you need us.

What are you looking to insure?

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The future of you and your loved ones depends on the actions you take now.

Haven works with New Zealand’s largest insurers, giving you more choice to find the product that suits your needs.

Our Process


We are all different, so our insurance needs will be too. A Haven adviser will meet with you to discuss your needs and lifestyle.


Based on your needs and lifestyle, a Haven adviser will make recommendations to get the most out of your policy.


It’s nice to only be sold the things we need. A Haven adviser will tailor your premiums to your needs and budget.


Your adviser will walk you through your plan to make sure you fully understand the policy and the associated costs or conditions that may be involved.


We will be available to answer any questions until you are satisfied with your policy.


We remain available to you throughout your plan to ensure the right policy is always in place.


When it comes to claim time, we will take the front seat to help drive your claim across the line.


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Home Insurance

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