4 things to look for in a building inspector

2 MIN READ November 12, 2020
With the housing market going great guns at the moment, you might be looking to purchase a new home. If you’ve been through it before, you likely know how important building inspections are. But if you’re a first home buyer, here are some key things…

1. Your building inspector should be independent

You might think that your builder mate could just pop along and take a look, but it’s better to have someone completely objective. Even if your friend has been a builder for a while, they may not know exactly what to look for.

Sometimes the real estate agent may tell you that an inspection has been done recently. It’s still important to get your own independent inspection done so you know exactly what you’re in for.

2. They should be qualified

Because your home loan finance is likely to be dependent on a proper home inspection, you need to get the right person for the job. Not only should they be independent, but they should also be qualified – that’s why your mate might not be the best person to call. Make sure your inspector is part of a professional institution such as the below.

The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors
The Building Officials Institute of New Zealand
The New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors

3. They should provide a comprehensive report

The more detailed the building report, the better – not just for your peace of mind, but for the lender or bank too. The report should include any potential risks, including environmental issues such as flooding. It should also include any areas where further work is required, and what the cost would be to cover that.

4. They should be properly insured

Because the building inspector is checking every nook and cranny thoroughly, they need to be insured. If something gets damaged or broken as they’re doing their inspection, or they give you the wrong advice, that’s not ideal. Check what kind of insurance they have when you get in touch just to make sure you’re both covered.

If you’re looking for your first home but need a bit more guidance around the process, our expert mortgage team can help. From open homes to signing a Sales and Purchase Agreement, we’re with you every step of the way – give us a call today on 0800 700 699.


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