What are you grateful for?

3 MIN READ September 16, 2018
With World Gratitude Day being celebrated on Friday 21st September, we thought we’d talk a bit about some great ways to show your gratitude – whether it’s just saying thank you and actually meaning it, or actively taking steps to protect the things you’re thankful…

Say thank you – and mean it

This is an easy one – most of us will be programmed from our youth to automatically say thank you when someone gives us something or helps us in some way, but next time you say it, look the person in the eye and take a bit more time to thank them. They might look at you a little funny but I bet they’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Have a little courtesy

Showing a bit of courtesy can be as simple as letting a car in front of you when driving, or opening the door for someone. Again, a lot of these things come automatically to us, but if we actively acknowledge that we’re being kind to someone, we tend to feel a lot happier. And if someone else lets you pop in front of them, be sure to thank them too!

Quality time

Nothing says you’re thankful like spending some quality time with those you love. Making the time to be with your family and enjoying the fact that you are together is the best way to invite gratitude in. If it’s not as serene as you’d hope, focus on being grateful that you can hear your child’s voice, even if their singing is giving you a headache…

Start a gratitude journal

This doesn’t have to be a long-term thing, just try it for one day and see how you go. It actually makes a difference to your entire perspective if you can write down some good things that happened to you that day. Even if it was as small as finding a coin on the ground, taking note of what you’re thankful for is extremely beneficial (you also never know when you might be short by 50 cents!)

Protect what you’re grateful for

There are so many things in life to be grateful for – the roof over your head, the car that you drove to work, and of course, the family and friends in your life. Make sure that you’re protecting the things you love as best you can and look into getting some insurance to cover them. Whether you’re making sure your family is provided for if anything happens to you, or you’re protecting your home from the elements, make sure you’ve got it covered.

We all have things we’re grateful for so talk to one of our experienced advisers today to help you get the best protection for your situation.

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