Why use an insurance adviser?

2 MIN READ August 3, 2017
People don’t like talking about insurance. It’s not really a fun topic to speak about when you are sitting around the BBQ, but insurance is a good thing. As much as we don’t like to think about it, we are not in a perfect world.…

Knowledge: Sometimes the insurance companies use big words and fancy sounding policies that can be hard to understand. Because an insurance adviser works in the industry they know exactly what you can expect from the insurance companies. Every insurance company has different strengths with medical conditions, so an adviser will help you find the best policy with the most suitable insurance provider that will suit your situation.

Non-Aligned: An insurance advisers job is to represent you, they shouldn’t belong to a particular insurance company. An advisers aim is to understand you, and what you need, before recommending options for you to consider. An adviser looks to keep the process as easy as possible, their aim is to sit down with you and find the best policies that fit your life, budget and your financial goals. An adviser will deal with all the major insurance providers on your behalf, to find the exact insurance you really need.

Claims: One of the most valuable things about having an adviser is when it comes to claim time. Claim time can be a stressful time for you,  and this is where an adviser can really help you. An adviser is your advocate in those times, working with the claims team to help you get your claim over the line. At Haven, we have a claims team who knows the underwriting on the insurance policies as well as the insurance providers, so they can fight to get your claims paid out, and that’s what really counts.

When you sit down with an insurance adviser they will talk through your needs at no charge. To book a no obligation meeting with one of the Haven adviser, just contact us here.

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