8 times in life to update your insurance

3 MIN READ November 27, 2018
Once you’ve got an insurance policy in place to cover the things that are most valuable to you, it’s easy to feel like you’ve got it sorted and don’t need to think about it again. But as we move through life, changes are bound to…

1. You’ve just bought a new house

Obviously buying a home is a big commitment and most likely the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. Making sure that you’ve got insurance in place that covers the cost of rebuilding or the mortgage repayments should anything unexpected occur is absolutely essential.

2. You’ve scored a new job

With a fresh start comes new responsibilities, and it’s likely that your income has fluctuated. Now is the time to check in and see if your income protection policy is still sufficient, and if you’re exposed to any kind of high-risk situations with the work that you do, it pays to let your insurance company know too.

3. You’re just married (or divorced)

With any changes in relationships, it’s important to make sure that your insurance policy covers those who it’s intended to cover. If you separate, you’ll need to make adjustments to your policies so your cover is up to date, and if you need to add anyone to your policy, it’s a good idea to get that sorted as soon as possible too.

4. You’ve just had a baby

Congratulations! We all love our little ones and would do anything to keep them safe and protected – this includes ensuring that our policies cover anything our children or surviving spouse might need if anything should happen to us.

5. You’ve started your own business

Good on you, starting out on a new venture is always daunting but it’s also an exciting chapter. Making sure you’re covered on a few different levels will help to take away some of the anxiety about such a big step – make sure you’ve got your business property and important assets covered.

6. You’ve retired

You’re ready for some hard-earned R&R and more time indulging in favourite pastimes. You should also update your insurance if you’ve left the workforce as your needs will have changed and you could potentially be paying more than you need to.

7. You’ve renovated your home

Built the perfect deck for summer entertaining? Any renovations or remodeling you do on your home can significantly increase the overall value of the property. Make sure that when you’ve completed any renovations, you change your house insurance policy to cover the extra value.

8. You’ve bought a high value item

Whether you love the latest tech gadgets or you’re an avid mountain-biker, you’ll need to make sure that your contents insurance covers any high value items you’ve purchased recently. Often people forget to update their cover when they purchase these kinds of items but if it goes missing or gets stolen, you might not be covered!

If your insurance policy could do with a bit of a refresh or you’d like to put some new cover in place, have a chat with our friendly team who can help you out with finding the best policy for your needs.


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