Reviewing your Life insurance

2 MIN READ February 9, 2022
Life insurance can often feel overwhelming trying to figure out what you may need as you reach new milestones. We’ve put together some things you may want to consider when reviewing your life insurance.

Reviewing your policy

As your life changes, your insurance needs might need to change as well. Milestones like buying a house, getting married and having a baby are exciting moments in your life. But it’s also a good reason to take another look at your policy and make sure you’re covered in all the right places.

Before you cancel your policy

When you review your cover, you may decide another insurer has a better deal, but it’s important to seek advice before you make the switch. If you have had any new medical issues or conditions since you were first underwritten, you might end up with less cover or higher premiums if you switch. Speaking to an adviser will make this process easier and they can explain how cancelling your policy might affect your future cover.

Different types of cover

Everyone will need a different type of policy depending on their circumstances. It may make sense to combine different types of cover under one policy. This could include life, disability or income protection. If you’re not sure what type of cover you should get, speak to an adviser so they can find what works best for your situation.

Your kids may be able to get covered too

Many life insurance policies have an optional extra that allows you to include your children under your policy. This means if your child is diagnosed with a listed condition, you’ll receive a payout that will help you take time off work or pay medical bills.

If you’d like to review your current life insurance or look at your options for putting some in place, get in touch with our team today.


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