Do I need medical insurance?

3 MIN READ March 29, 2018
Let’s face it, many people are put off getting medical insurance for a wide variety of reasons. A recent study found that 71% of people said they personally needed to take out medical insurance, yet only 59% of people have cover*. Here is a list…

I am healthy, fit and young!
You eat right, exercise plenty, might even do yoga and you have never had anything seriously wrong with your health. Why can’t I just save my money? Medical insurance is for those people who don’t look after themselves right? Believe it or not, we aren’t indestructible or immortal, sometimes much to our surprise. The best time to take out an insurance policy is when you are young and healthy because if you get ill or suffer a serious injury later on, it will make it tougher to take out a new insurance policy and get cover for those conditions. It’s about getting a tailored insurance policy that works for both your lifestyle and budget to ensure your future self’s health.

I don’t have kids
Kids can be a big reason why people take out medical insurance. But are there other people in your life that would be affected if something were to happen to you? Do you have a partner, a family, or next of kin? Taking out an insurance policy goes a long way in making sure everyone is still OK if something were to happen to you.

It’s too expensive
Maybe you have a family, just bought a house, or it feels like you are just trying to keep your head above the water. Medical insurance can be seen as a ‘luxury’ when money is tight, however, it might not actually be as expensive as you think. You can get a good policy for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee. Again, if you talk to an insurance adviser, they can find the best insurance policy that fits into your budget.

An insurance company never pays at claim time
Your worst nightmare: You have been paying insurance for ten years, something happens so you go to lodge a claim with the insurance company. Denied. They mutter some words about pre-existing conditions and other mumbo-jumbo that doesn’t even make sense – so you give up. This is why it’s so important to get an adviser to work alongside you. Before you even take out a policy, they can explain to you exactly what cover you need and when it comes to claim time, they are there to battle with you to make sure that your claim gets accepted.

Medical insurance may sound daunting but it shouldn’t be. You can talk all these things through with an insurance adviser at no cost, so they can help you figure out what policy you need that fits your budget. If you are unsure about your existing policy or you want to take up medical insurance, just contact us here. We would love to help you out.

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