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How to weatherproof your home this winter

2 MIN READ June 19, 2019
Now that the wet winter weather is upon us, it’s a good time to check in and make sure that your home is secured against the wind and the rain. From clearing your rain gutters to insulating your roof, we’ve put together the top tips…

Re-seal any doors and windows

Over time, the seals on your doors and windows can wear down, causing them to be very ineffective at keeping the harsh weather out of your home. Before it starts to get any worse, book in a time to get the professionals in to sort the re-sealing so that you can keep your home comfortable and warm.

Clear the gutters and drains

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleared these, let alone even looked at them, you’ll need to sort out your gutters, drains and downspouts ASAP. If they’ve got leaves and other debris clogging them up, you’re going to run into trouble when it starts to rain. The more pressure on the gutters and drains from blockages, the more likely it is that the water will make its way into your home – not what you need in winter!

Insulate your home

If your home isn’t insulated, you’ll definitely be feeling the cold! The best places to start are in the roof and in the flooring – you can DIY your roofing with insulation staples such as Pink Batts, but you’re going to want to leave the rest for the professionals. Insulation is definitely worth the cost – you’ll instantly notice the difference! If you want to go the extra mile, getting your windows and glass doors double glazed is also a great way to keep you warm and cosy.

Invest in waterproof paint

You’ll need to pick a sunnier weekend for this one! The first line of defence from the elements is the outside walls of your home so coating them in a waterproof paint is a must. Choose a tough weatherproof paint that’s purpose-built for protecting the outside of your home and get painting!

Get ventilating

We want to keep water out of the house, not inside, so make sure you have a way of ventilating the house, especially in areas prone to steam and water such as the bathroom and laundry. If you haven’t already, get a ventilation fan fitted in the bathroom to get rid of the moisture from those hot morning showers, and make sure to also get a kitchen ventilator sorted to suck up all the moisture when you’re cooking!

Do you have any other handy tips for weatherproofing your home this winter?


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