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How to protect your new home

3 MIN READ October 16, 2019
It’s an exciting time when you’re moving into your new home and setting up your space. While you’re arranging the furniture and thinking about colour schemes, it’s also a good idea to think about security. We’ve put together some easy ways to make sure you…

Change the locks
First things first, you’ll want to get the locks changed. It might not be something that comes to mind immediately, but it’s really important to get this sorted. Even though the previous owner might have handed in all of their keys, you never know whether they still have a copy somewhere or there’s one that they forgot to get back from their friends/neighbours. It’s a good idea to change any alarm codes to your own as well.

Sort your smoke detectors
They’re likely all in place, but how long ago were the smoke detectors in your new home tested or had their batteries replaced? Before you settle in completely, make sure that you’ve tested each one and installed new ones in places that might need them, such as hallways and main living areas.

Meet the neighbours
When you’re moving in, you might have seen some curious faces popping up from next door – make sure to introduce yourself to your new neighbours. Not only is it the friendly thing to do, but it’s also good for the security of your home. If you’re ever away, your neighbours can keep an eye on your home and alert you if there’s any suspicious activity going on. It’s also good to have their numbers on hand in case there’s ever an emergency and you need help.

Get a first aid kit
You might have a first aid kit on hand already, but it could take a while for it to be unpacked if it’s in amongst the jumble of boxes. You should always have one close by, particularly when you’re moving house as any number of accidents can happen when you’re lifting furniture and unpacking breakables. Get a decent kit that’s well-stocked and keep it somewhere where it’s easy to access should you need it.

Do some outdoor maintenance
It’s a good idea to keep your garden tidy and trim big trees or bushes – this reduces the places that any unwelcome visitors can hide. If there aren’t any already, you should install some outdoor lights that will go on when any motion is detected. This is handy when you’re taking out the rubbish in the evening, but it’s also a great deterrent for any would-be thieves.

Get your house, car and contents sorted
You’ve done what you can to protect your home, but now it’s time to get the professionals involved. At Haven, we offer a great house, car and contents solution so that you can have everything in one place and know that you’re protected should the worst happen. If you’d like to know more, or just chat about your current insurance and how it could be working better for you, get in touch with us today!


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