How to make sure you’re protected before you go on your next holiday

2 MIN READ April 20, 2023
With winter on the horizon, many of you’ll be planning to escape the cold over the next few months and head to warmer climates. Or perhaps you’re planning to explore your own backyard at one of the many winter destinations New Zealand has to offer. 

Before you go there’s plenty to organise from flights and accommodation to travel insurance and passports. But, have you considered how to make sure everything you own is protected for when you arrive back home? Here are some of our tips to get sorted before you go.  

Protect your home

When we’re home our houses are usually safer, we can spot any damage before it worsens and we’re less vulnerable to break ins. Therefore most house insurance policies will have a limit to how long they’ll cover you whilst a home is vacant. So if you’re planning to be away longer, make arrangements before you head off. 

Whilst you’re away make sure you’ve locked all your doors and windows and set any security alarms. You may consider having a trusted friend or family member house sit or ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property for you.

Cover your stuff

Similar to your home, anything you leave in there is more vulnerable when you’re away. Before you go, check how long your contents are covered when your house is vacant. And, make sure to store any valuables out of sight and if possible in a locked safe. 

Remember, although your contents policy may cover you when you’re away from home it’s unlikely you’ll be covered if you’re overseas. So make sure anything you’re taking with you, especially valuables like jewellery, are covered by your travel insurance. 

Don’t forget about your car

Before you go, consider where you’re going to leave your car. If possible, store in a locked garage rather than on the street or in a driveway. If you’re using airport parking, take pictures of your car before you leave in case of any damage and don’t leave any valuables inside. 

If you’re hiring a car whilst you’re away make sure you’re sufficiently covered through the hire company or your travel insurance for any accidental damage. And, don’t forget to bring your driver’s licence with you! 

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