5 tips for making a claim after a weather event

2 MIN READ February 15, 2023
With a number of weather events hitting the North Island recently, many people have found themselves needing to make a claim on their house and contents insurance. But when you’re evacuating your home, finding somewhere else to stay, and cleaning up the mess, the added…

1. Make safety a priority

In any weather event, the safety of you and your family takes priority. Before you worry about the damages to your property or your items, make sure you head somewhere safe, warm, and dry if you need to evacuate. Be sure to take any essentials such as medication and warm clothing with you.

2. Take an inventory of your damaged items

When it’s safe to return to your property, you can begin to make a list of all of the damaged items. Note down as many details as you can about each item or part of your property – it’s a good idea to include the brand and make/model if you can. Gather together as many receipts for the items as you can to make the claims process easier.

3. Take photos of the damage

As well as listing the damaged items, it’s a good idea to take as many photos of the items as you can. Include photos of the items themselves, zooming in to capture any specific damage where necessary. If there’s been any damage to your house or surrounding property, be sure to take photos of this as well, especially if you will be moving anything for safety reasons.

4. Don’t dispose of damaged items straight away

Avoid disposing of any damaged items before an insurance assessor has a chance to look them over – even if they’re damaged beyond repair. If you need to move damaged items, do so with your safety in mind and make sure you’re wearing protective gear like gloves when handling any broken items.

5. Don’t try to drive your car

If your area has experienced flooding and your vehicle has been fully or partially submerged at any point, don’t try to start it or drive it. Even if it seems fine and the water has since dried, you never know what damage has been done to the engine or any electronic components. You should have your vehicle towed to the nearest mechanic for a safety assessment.

If you’ve been affected by the recent weather events and need some advice, feel free to get in touch with us. Stay safe out there everyone!

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