5 reasons to talk to a financial adviser

3 MIN READ August 12, 2020
This Money Week is all about helping you find information and guidance you can trust to move forward with your money. Given the current climate, you might have a few questions about your financial situation, so we’ve put together five reasons why you should have…

1. It’s free of charge
Having a review meeting with an adviser doesn’t cost you anything, and there is no obligation for you to take their advice. Especially when money might be tight, sitting down and having a discussion about your current situation and how it can be made better for you is a great idea – you get expert advice and peace of mind.

2. They’re experts
Often we can struggle with the more technical parts of the financial world, from the fine print in insurance policies to mortgage LVRs and interest rates. Financial advisers are experts in their field, and their job is to figure out all of the nitty gritty and explain what it means for you. A financial adviser looks through all of the available information from banks, and insurance and KiwiSaver providers, and is able to recommend the best option for your situation based on that.

3. You get independent advice
Independent financial advisers don’t work for just one provider – their role is to look at the options across a variety of different providers to find the best option for you. They know which providers offer the best value for you depending on your budget, your goals, and your needs.

4. They can make sure you’ve got what you need
Because financial advisers understand all of the providers and products in depth, they will be able to tell you whether you’re sorted in a way that’s right for you. If your needs have changed but you haven’t updated your financial provider, you could be paying more for something you don’t need, but you could also be in a situation where you’re paying less, but not receiving what you need.

5. Claim time is made easier
Speaking of insurance in particular, making a claim can be stressful, especially when you might not be in the best state of health. This is where an adviser can really help you. An adviser is your advocate in those times, working with the claims team to help you get your claim over the line. At Haven, we have a dedicated claims team who know the process inside out so they can fight to get your claims paid out, and that’s what really counts.

Think you’d like to have a chat with a financial adviser? Get in touch with us today – we can help with all of your financial needs, including insurance, KiwiSaver, mortgages and accounting.


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