5 healthy eating hacks

3 MIN READ May 1, 2019
Ever found it difficult to eat healthy, especially when you’re busy with a hundred other things? We’ve done some research and put together some of the best tried and tested hacks to help you fit healthy eating into your lifestyle.

1. Meal prep is key
You’ve probably already heard of this one, but it can be quite hard to find the time and energy to spend a few hours every weekend putting it all together. Try breaking it down into smaller chunks and prepare extras of what you’re actually cooking for dinner to save you spending time doing it separately. Boiling a whole bunch of eggs and storing them in the fridge/freezer will give you something healthy and easy to pop in your lunchbox each day.

2. Reunite with your slow cooker
You’ve likely got one of these stowed away in your cupboard but winter is absolutely the best time to dust it off and make the most of it. You just prepare everything like you would for dinner, throw it in and let it do its thing. Then as soon as you get home after a long day, a healthy hearty dinner will be ready and waiting for you! Slow cookers are fantastic for throwing everything into and you can add anything you like, from beans to lentils to your favourite veges. You’ll get a nutrient-packed meal with just a bit of chopping!

3. Stockpile the smalls
To really make it easier for yourself to eat healthily without the hassle, stock up on small fruits and vegetables that can be snacked on and added to meals and salads. Things like cherry tomatoes, baby beetroot and carrots, pickled onions, and olives are all great little things to have on hand to instantly add some nutrients to your day, whether you’re munching on them in the afternoon or adding them to a risotto or soup.

4. Blend your veges
Some of us can really struggle to get in a decent amount of vegetables each day, whether we don’t have time to prepare them or whether we just don’t like the taste. To make sure you’re getting as much goodness from these as you need, try blending a whole bunch together to get it all in one go! If you’re not keen on drinking spinach in liquid form, just add a banana or some strawberries and soon you won’t even taste it! To really give you a super boost, blend in some chia seeds or flaxseed oil.

5. Follow the 15 minute rule
This one’s more about keeping you healthy by avoiding overeating and the inevitable discomfort and stomach problems that come with it. After finishing your plate of food, wait for at least 15 minutes before deciding if you need seconds. This gives your stomach plenty of time to send a signal to your brain that you’re full – something that takes a little longer than you think, which is why we often tend to overeat. Having the TV on, or our phones in our hands as we eat can also make it easier to overeat so keep the tech off the table too!


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