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4 tips to beat the heat this summer


Summer is a great time of year for us Kiwis – it’s Christmas, it’s warm weather, it’s a holiday break. But sometimes it can just get a little bit too hot. So we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks to keep you and your families cool this summer!

1. Maximise your fans

If you’re using fans, here are some tricks to help cool you down faster. Always make sure your ceiling fan is turning counterclockwise to circulate cool air downward. If you’ve got a pedestal fan, you can either face it out of the window to blow hot air out, or you can place a bowl of ice in front of it to hit you with that nice cool air.

2. Cook outside

You likely know how hot your house becomes when you’re using the oven or the stove. When it’s unbearably hot, it’s better to cook outside on a barbecue or grill to keep your home cool. This is especially useful in the evenings because it won’t be as hot for you to be outside, and you won’t be warming your home up just when you want to sleep!

3. Use cross-ventilation

Do you find that sometimes even when you’ve got the doors open, it doesn’t seem to be doing much to cool you down? This is because you need to get some cross-ventilation going – keep your doors and windows open at opposite ends of the house and you’ll find you get a nice breeze going through.

4. Take a tepid shower

You might think that a nice cold shower is just the thing for a hot evening, but it actually has the opposite effect. Your body heats up more to counteract the coldness of the water, and while it might be nice for a few minutes, your temperature will just be higher for the rest of the night. Try a tepid, lukewarm shower instead to keep your temperature regulated.


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