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Finding it tough to get back into work? Here are some tips!


Whether you’re back at work already or you’ve still got another few days, it can be difficult to get into the swing of things after you’ve had a break. Gone are the sleep-ins and afternoon naps, and your body and mind will be struggling to break out of your relaxing routine. Here are five tips to help ease yourself back into work after you’ve been on holiday.

1. Come back a day early
It’s a good idea to come back home a day or two earlier so that you can get yourself settled at home before getting back into the work routine. You’ll get a chance to unpack, do some laundry or get your grocery shopping sorted for the week which will hopefully make it easier to get back to your normal schedule.

2. Keep your out-of-office response on a bit longer
When you return to work, keep your out of office on a little longer just so you can get through your emails in peace for a few hours. If anyone is trying to email you in that time, they’ll be aware that you might take longer to respond and will be a bit more patient with you or talk to someone else.

3. Don’t overdo it
As you’ve been spending a lot of time not doing work-related things, it will take a while to get your head in the right space to get these things done. Take it easy on yourself and don’t try to get everything done at once because you’ll feel exhausted before you’ve really begun. Prioritise the urgent tasks first, and then leave the others for the rest of the week.

4. Create new habits
Now that you’ve had a break from the office and your usual office routine for a bit, now’s a great time to create some new and maybe healthier habits. Keep enjoying the summer sun by taking yourself for a quick walk every day, or eat lunch with colleagues instead of at your desk. Whatever you’d like to do better at work this year, now’s a great time to start!

5. Bring a bit of your holiday to work
Hopefully you spent the holidays doing some of the things you love, but that shouldn’t have to stop now you’re back at work. It’s important to balance everything out, so make sure you find time on your lunch break or after work to take a walk on the beach, have a barbecue with friends or read your favourite book.

What are your best tips for getting back into work?


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