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New Years Resolutions


Making New Year resolutions is a great way to hit the refresh button and start the year with new plans, goals and ideas. Do you know what resolutions you will be making this year? Here are some ideas that may help you decide.

Start a new hobby

A hobby is great for giving you something to think about other than work or the things that may be causing you stress. It’s also a good way for your brain to learn something new. Some interesting hobbies to pick up could be knitting, photography, pottery or an outdoor sport.

Prioritise your friends

Sit down and spend more time with your friends and reconnect with any past friends who you may have lost contact with. Start to expand your social circles – you never know who you might meet. When we put work first and get busy, we often put friendships on the backburner so it’s important to spend quality time with your friends.

Create memories

Creating memories is important so you can look back fondly on your past. Think about different ways you can celebrate the upcoming year by ticking off activities you’ve always wanted to do and bringing your loved ones along. Write down or photograph your moments so you can have a treasured memory to keep.

Limit your screen time

Reducing your screen time can give your eyes a good rest and even improve your sleep. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but you can set some rules such as putting your phone in a different room an hour before sleep. Most smartphones have features that can track your usage or set times to limit how much time you can spend on certain apps.

Take control of your finances

It’s a good idea to make a new budget for the start of the year and set goals to try and achieve it throughout the year. But, make sure it’s realistic so you stick with it. Use this time to review your insurance too. We can help here, so get in touch if you have any questions.


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