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How to keep mould out of your home this winter


When the winter weather sets in, cold, damp and mould often aren’t far behind. Unfortunately, mould tends to be a common problem in New Zealand, and it can bring with it all kinds of health concerns, including asthma and rheumatic fever. To help you keep the mould at bay this winter, try out some of these tips.

Check your windows

If your windows aren’t fitted properly, or don’t close as tightly as they should, heat can easily escape. Try tightening any fixtures or hinges, and invest in curtains that fit the windows well to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Make the most out of your curtains

Speaking of curtains, they’re a great way to insulate your home and avoid cold and damp conditions that are a breeding ground for mould. If you can, make sure your curtains are double-lined and drop right down to the floor. This will create a buffer between the windows and the inside of your home, keeping the cool air out.

Air out your home

It might be the last thing you feel like doing when the temperature drops, but opening your windows and doors for at least 15-30 minutes every day will work wonders to air out your home. Tip: opening windows at each end of your house will push the air through faster and more efficiently.

Be shower-savvy

Hot showers are lovely in winter, but steam can quickly build up and cause problems if it’s not extracted properly. Turn on the extractor fan in your bathroom when you shower, or if you don’t have one, open a window. It’s also a good idea to use a cloth or squeegee to remove excess condensation from your shower afterwards.

Keep wet washing outside

It seems counterintuitive to put your washing outside when it’s cold, but any wet washing inside your home is going to contribute to damp and mouldy conditions. Where possible, dry your washing on a line or rack outside – if you have a covered space, even better! You can always use a dryer to finish it off if you have one.



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