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Moving house with pets? Here’s how to make it easy for them and for you!


Whether you’re upgrading or downsizing, moving house is an exciting yet often stressful time, particularly when you have pets who don’t quite understand what’s going on. Aside from needing a bit of time to adjust to their new surroundings, pets also need to be cared for on moving day itself to ensure that the relocation is smooth for everyone. So how can you make it an easy process for your pets?

Get them unpacked first
As much as you might want to unpack all of the furniture first so you can see how it will fit, it’s important that your pet has as much time to settle as possible and isn’t getting anxious in amongst all of the people and boxes. Unpack their beds and toys first so that they are surrounded by things with familiar scents, and set aside a room you can close them in to relax and adjust while you’re unpacking everything.

Ensure their details are updated
It’s probably a good idea to get your pet’s details updated before moving day so that if they do get out in the chaos of it all, anyone who finds them can know where they belong. Most pets nowadays will be microchipped and it’s easy enough to update their details online before changing it with the local council once you’re settled in.

Give them time
Cats tend to take longer to adjust to their surroundings than dogs, so make sure your cat is kept inside for a week or two to get used to their new indoor environment before letting them explore the outdoors. Dogs perhaps won’t need as much time indoors, but it’s still important to keep them on a leash outside until you know that your home is safe and secure and there aren’t any hidden spots through which they could escape.

Keep your routine
In order to help your pets feel as comfortable as they can in their new home, it’s important to keep things as close to their normal routine as possible. From surrounding them with their favourite toys and beds, to making sure they eat at the same time from the same bowl, keeping the routine as similar as you can to your previous home will help them settle in quicker.


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