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How to get your 5+ a day


Eating 5+ a day servings of fruit and vegetables is great for our health. Fruit and vegetables contain minerals, vitamins and fibres that help nourish our body and health. We’ve put together a few ways to make sure you’re getting your 5+ a day.

Start with the first meal of the day

Try to eat a serving or two of fruit with your breakfast every day. You can add a combination of your favourite fruits to cereal or porridge. The fruit will add a natural sweetness and also contains vitamin C and fibre to start your day off strong.

Prepare your snacks

A great way to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your day is by grabbing carrot or celery sticks with hummus, dried fruit, yoghurt and nuts. This is the perfect snack to keep your energy levels up while adding to your daily dose.

Make your own vegetable crisps

Vegetable crisps are another great snack to keep handy throughout the day. Not only are they a great part of your 5+ a day, but they are also delicious! Jaimee Oliver has an easy recipe here.

Use frozen

Sometimes it’s hard to get things in the right season so a bag of frozen vegetables is a convenient and cheap alternative. While fresh is best, they are still a good source of nutritional value.

Homemade soup

Soups are a super-easy way to get your daily dose in. There are countless soup recipes online full of different kinds of vegetables that are good for your nutrition and general well-being.

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