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2021 Christmas Shopping Guide


Can you believe we’re almost at the end of another year? Christmas is coming up fast, and with a few limitations to our gift-giving this year, it’s best to get it all sorted early to avoid any disappointment. So we’ve put together some helpful tips to take the stress out of gift shopping this holiday season.

1. Order in bulk to save on shipping

If you’re going to be doing your Christmas shopping online this year, it’s a good idea to get as much as you can from one online store to avoid multiple shipping costs. Because there are delivery delays at the moment due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, now’s the time to order online if that’s your preferred shopping experience.

2. Shop local

With so many global supply chains being blocked or delayed, the items you might have wanted to purchase may be sold out or not available. It’s a great idea to shop local where you can to support NZ businesses and avoid lengthy delays or costly shipping.

3. Do some DIY

DIY gifts don’t have to be duds – there are plenty of inexpensive DIY gifting ideas out there, you just need to do a bit of research. Maybe you could make your own candles to gift, or offer a friend or family member your service in the garden. You can even rope the kids in to make some DIY Christmas decorations for your home.

4. Play Secret Santa

To avoid needing to shop for every person in the family, why don’t you play Secret Santa? Draw names from a hat to see which family member you will be buying for and get them a lovely gift. That way everyone gets something and you don’t need to feel pressured to spend a lot of money on many gifts.

5. Give an experience

If you’re struggling to find just the right item for someone, why not gift them something they’ll treasure for a long time? Material gifts go in and out of fashion very quickly, so gifting someone an experience such as a ticket to the zoo, or taking a family road trip could be a great way to show your appreciation this Christmas.


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