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4 tips to help your children get back into the school routine


Now that many schools have reopened their doors, you might be breathing a sigh of relief to get your children back into some semblance of normality. But after such a long time away from their regular schooling routine, it’ll take a little while to build a good routine back up again. Here are some great tips to help ease your children back into the school routine.

Put together a regular schedule

This practice is particularly good if you have very young children as they thrive on routine and predictability. You would likely have had some sort of a routine in place during the lockdown period, but you’ll need to create a new one for your children now. The best thing to do is ease them into it as best you can – keep some things from your lockdown routine the same for a while if you can, such as mealtimes, so it’s something that’s familiar.

Keep them involved

Your children might have been involved in more things around the house during the lockdown, and it’s a good idea to get them to maintain that responsibility now that they can return to school. Have them help to pack their own lunches, or choose the clothes they want to wear that day – it’ll be a help to you and will make them feel as though they are contributing and doing something important.

Remind them of good hygiene practices

Practicing good hygiene is something your children will already be aware of, and will have been doing during lockdown, but they might forget about it once they head back to school. It’s important that they know to keep up these practices at school, and even though their teachers might be enforcing it, they need to remember to do it themselves so that they can stay healthy.

Keep it positive

Although many children may have been looking forward to going back to school, some may have experienced anxiety at the thought of being away from home. If this is the case, help them to feel comfortable with returning to school by focusing on the positive – ask them what they are most looking forward to when they’re back at school, such as seeing their friends or favourite teachers, and even if they’re not sure, keep your responses positive too so they come to see it as a good thing.


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