After a summer break, getting back into the work grind is never easy. Here are three top tips to help you dominate Monday and make the most of the days after.

  1. Be Prepared:
    Try to come a home early from your holiday. This will give you time to relax and plan the next week. To give yourself the best start on Monday to go to bed early. That way you can wake up feeling refreshed and have the energy to get stuck into Monday. If you aren’t too tired, try to get to work earlier than usual, to get a headstart on the week. This will give you a bit of breathing space before you dive into work.
  2. Plan: 
    Before you start working, grab a coffee and sit down. Look at your calendar and go through all the tasks that need to get done. Divide up your tasks into priorities and write yourself a to-do list. You’ll feel much better after crossing things off the list. It can be intimidating when you see your inbox flooded with emails A top tip someone once gave me is when you go through your emails,  instead of going through the emails by date, sort your email by sender or subject that way you can delete old emails that are now irrelevant.
  3. Get Creative and Get Out
    Get creative – after a holiday you will be feeling (hopefully) more refreshed and it’s a great time to get creative. If you have problems that have been sitting on the back on your mind before you went on holiday, take some time out and do a little brainstorm to find a solutions. Get out – it’s summer, the weather will be nicer, your body is probably not used to sitting down staring a computer. Make the most of your lunch times, go for a walk. You will feel much better after soaking some vitamin D.



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